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Hello there! So are you getting married? First of all, BIG congratulations! Whether you are nervous or excited when planning a wedding, we are here to help you with every step. If you are new to One Fab Day, we bring you many current guides for planning your wedding, from creating your budget and making a checklist to finding the perfect place and choosing a great wedding photographer. We have a huge treasure trove of articles on all the questions you might have about the wedding and the organization of a wedding. We have many specific articles about recent times marriage issues, but first of all this is our guide on how and where to start planning a wedding…

The idea of making lots of big decisions at once can be overwhelming, so we have some first steps to get you started; a few questions to ask yourself and your other half to make sure you’re on the same wavelength with the type of marriage you want (and save disputes).

Buy a bottle of wine on your way home tonight, disconnect the TV and sit down with the other half – your first night of wedding planning is waiting for you. It’s about getting a discussion and teasing what you both want. To help you get started, we have already prepared your calendar and added some practical tips to get it all started!

This Kind of Wedding You Want?

Let’s go directly to her. What do you think of the wedding ceremony, and what about the celebration or reception?

Church ceremony or Civil ceremony?

For the wedding ceremony-would you like a church ceremony or a civil ceremony? If it is an ecclesiastical ceremony-are they both of the same religion? Preferences for which church – have you fixed your heart on your eatery or is it important for one of them?

When you think of a civil ceremony, do you think of the registry office or do you want to get married in one place? Do you want separate places for your ceremony and reception or would you like to have them in one place?

Want to get married outdoors? It can be a little difficult to get married outside Ireland (the weather, the venue and the celebrant depend on it), but many couples opt for a civil ceremony for the Legal bit and then plan their own ceremony at the venue of their choice.

Small intimate party or a Larger is a better reception?

Would you like a big party for your reception with all your friends and extended family, an intimate gathering of 25, or something in between? What is the general mood that you want to beat your day.

Of course, a big wedding can always be personal, a small wedding can always be fun, and we will share many ideas on how to get there in the next few weeks. But to help you get started, gut feelings are all you need-there are many factors (below) that affect your actual day, but it’s good to say out loud from the start whether you want to run away, have a casual house party, plan a destination wedding or plan a wedding.

How Does recent times Affect Your planning?

With the ongoing recent times, weddings are obviously quite reduced at the moment (during the current lock on level 5 – only 6 guests are allowed). However, if you are just busy and starting your wedding planning right now, you should think of a date 12-18 months from now. Due to all the postponements, the dates for 2021 are fully booked for 2020 and a large part of 2022 will be filled. So don’t panic about the limits on the numbers that are in the game now. Plan until 2022 and beyond and make your decision based on what you think is likely to happen at that time.

What is your budget for the wedding?

A few questions to get you started before the start of full crunching… How much do you want to spend-do you have an idea of the wedding budget?

The average wedding in Ireland. As with all average values, this is purely indicative-what couples spend varies massively and really depends on the individual priorities.

You should seriously think about your situation and what you really want, before you decide on a budget. Will you use savings or get a loan? Do you pay for it or do you get help from one or both parent groups?

No matter what number you can afford, take at least 15% off and make your retirement money (you’ll probably need it!), and work within the Rest.

Wedding planning x-factors

The first steps of wedding planning are a bit of a hen and egg situation-try to figure out what to spend or what kind of wedding you will have if you have little information or experience. There are more questions than answers at this point, but these are important things to think about that will affect the rest of your decisions from here…

Who would you like to invite?

One of the most important factors in the budget and in the choice of location is the number of guests you have at your wedding. While everyone is trying to reduce the numbers, the domino effect inevitably comes into play in about two minutes of discussion and suddenly their 80-year-old intimate wedding has become a 200-party where everyone is invited by the local football club.

Wedding guest lists are a minefield-but who do you really want to celebrate your big day with? Are your family really expecting to come? Do you really invite all your colleagues and college friends? Be realistic and prioritize.

What is your Ideal wedding venue?

Are you all about romantic castles or places of the modern city? Do you prefer the idea of a large country house hotel or small private dining room in a large restaurant? Do you want to get married in Ireland or do you dream of a boat in Croatia? An idea of the type of wedding venue you want will dictate many decisions throughout the rest of the day.

When do you want to get married?

Did you dream of a wedding in the snow? Are you addicted to the idea of a mojito reception on a sunny lawn? The season in which you get married is important for two reasons: weather and budget.

The summer months from May to September are the rush hour for weddings, so your wedding in the winter months can offer significant savings and great value. Although it’s worth being flexible, having a few ideal dates in mind is important when you start to approach the sites and providers, so it needs to be decided early.

Is there a key theme, color, style or inspiration in your head?

A quick look around a fabulous day and you will see that we are all on inspiration (along with information!)- select a theme like a festival wedding or a vintage Party, combine unusual wedding colors, or take your favorite elements from the recent Trends.

It’s not important at all, but many couples have a central idea around which they want to build their marriage, be it a place where they were, a favorite movie or a general theme of their relationship.

It could be anything from the color pink to the Great Gatsby, in Tuscany or even something as common as peacock feathers, snowflakes or stars. Do you have good ideas that float? This is a good time to take notes and keep an eye on them when making decisions about the location or setup.

Wedding planning 101

So, exhausted, exhausted, or both? These questions are just the beginning of a very exciting process, and I hope that after discussing them, you will have drawn conclusions or at least be clearer about what you want for your marriage.

It won’t be the last discussion, but I hope it gives you a good start and good ideas to crack the rest of the wedding planning.

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