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So, right now is a really difficult time for anyone who is currently busy and trying to start wedding planning – how do you choose the perfect wedding venue when we are all in containment and you have nowhere to go? Not all is lost, today we help you to understand what you are looking for before you start the great search for place properly. We cannot overestimate how important it is to find the right place for the wedding. Until you reserve your place, your wedding is a blank canvas and nothing else can be decided. Your wedding venue determines the mood and style of your wedding, so it is important to choose wisely. Once you settle down on a wedding venue, the room dictates pretty much everything else on your big day, from food to photography, even until you wear it.

Choosing your wedding venue is always a tricky task, but it is made much easier by first deciding what kind of party style you are looking for, and the kind of atmosphere you want to create-believe us, this is the only part your guests will still remember on their silver wedding day!

To help you find a wedding venue, we’ve compiled a list of the top five wedding venue options that list the pros and cons of each. Once you get to the type of wedding you want, our practical guide below will help you refine things!

The Two Big Questions Of Marriage Place

Before you start looking for wedding venues, arrange a discussion with your half in which you will think about ideas for your wedding day and (hopefully!) sit down to the kind of party you want to start. We have lots of good news about the first steps of wedding planning and determine what kind of wedding is for you, but there are two main questions you need to answer first:

1. How many guests will you have?

Obviously, we’re in the midst of a recent times, but if you’re just engaged, consider your wedding in 2022 or 2023, and we all hope that this is well behind us at this point. So don’t get too distracted by the limitations at the moment, and project forward when things are “normal”again. Determine the approximate number of guests before you think about creating a list of potential places. If you plan to have more than 200 guests, for example, your search for a place will be extremely limited by this number. Roughly speaking, for weddings with more than 150 guests, you are likely to find yourself in a hotel, an exclusive rental location or a marquee, and for weddings under 50, a small private location or restaurant will work better.

2. How do you expect your hands to be on?

If you want to minimize the stress and effort of planning the wedding, so renting a tent-or renting a place more exclusive are probably not a good fit – a wedding in the hotel where you are a wedding planner internal makes a lot of the work of growling, it is best suited. If, on the other hand, you plan to monitor every little detail yourself, there is an EXCLUSIVE rental location or marquee in your street.

Hotel Wedding venue

Traditionally, planning a wedding in Ireland has been pretty easy-you’ve booked the local hotel and church and you’re done! While Irish bride and groom are becoming more adventurous and creative in their choice of wedding venue, and the way of celebration, there are still many reasons why a hotel might be their perfect choice.


  • Packages: Hotels that host many weddings usually offer competitive packages, which greatly facilitates budgeting
  • Internal wedding coordinator: there is someone who organizes the whole nitty gritty of the day for you
  • Trust: a prestigious place with a high reputation means you can be confident in your choice
  • Accommodation: It is available on site for most if not all of your guests
    Recommendations: Most websites can provide recommendations for trusted providers


  • Less flexibility: you will probably be in your choice of decoration, food, wine, etc., restricted and less time preparing to decorate
  • Packages: these can be expensive and the extras can really add up
    Same old, same old: Hotel reception rooms can be bland, so more effort is required to make it personal and modern
  • Provider Restrictions: Some websites insist that couples only use certain providers

Exclusive Hire Wedding Venue

An increasingly popular choice among Irish couples is the exclusive rental location, which is very suitable for those who are planning a formal dinner(ish) and a dance-style wedding, but do not want a hotel. The exclusive wedding venues in Ireland are so diverse-everyone offers something truly unique.


  • Privacy: you are the only group of customers, you will have all the privacy of a private event
  • Wow-factor: private places are often beautiful and unusual places with a real character
  • Personal touch: a private place is usually run directly by the owner and hosts only a few weddings a year, so you have a much more personal relationship with the place and people


  • Small: many private places are really only suitable for small wedding parties in the house itself
  • Expenses: for large wedding celebrations, the rental of marquee is often possible, but usually costs an extra fees
  • Planning: private parties involve more supplier coordination, so a wedding planner is often needed
  • Restrictions: an exclusive rental wedding venue is owned by someone else and often your home, so you don’t always have full management of the venue

Marquee and / or wedding At Home

The ultimate customization, having your wedding in a marquee at home or any other special place is a fantastic option if you are lucky enough to have the space and mental energy for it. But do you know that organizing a wedding under a tent is not for the shy! This means a lot of practical coordination and organization of suppliers, but our practical guide to marquee wedding prices is an excellent starting point.


  • More personal: Celebrating at home means that you and your guests feel right at home
  • Control: You control every aspect of your day, from decor to supplier – you can also take a whole week to set up and decorate at will if you like.
  • No restrictions: you can have a bar open and celebrate until 6 pm, and no one will tell you to turn off the music (except maybe the neighbors!)
  • Budgeting: a marquee wedding is anything but inexpensive, but there are more ways to save money in some areas


  • Hidden costs: unlike a hotel package, the cost of a wedding in the marquee is unclear and can surprise you
  • Weather: Capitals are weatherproof these days, but a rainy day can ruin the look of your garden wedding
  • Intrusion: Your personal space will be overrun by suppliers for days before the wedding
  • Coordination and organization: a wedding at home means a lot more work for you as a planner, and you will definitely need a day coordinator to help with wedding planning

Restaurant or pub wedding venues

For a few foodies who want an intimate and less traditional party, a great restaurant or pub is certainly worth considering for the reception. Check out our list of wedding restaurants or contact your favorite restaurant or bar to see if you accept reservations for private events.


  • The food: your guests will thank you for it!
  • Atmosphere: the atmosphere is usually more intimate and relaxed
  • Decor: choosing a nice restaurant means that the wedding decor can be reduced to a minimum
  • Wider choice of options: more and more restaurants offer weddings as a service


  • No accommodation: Accommodation is usually not available on site
  • Location: good restaurants are usually located in urban centers, so a wedding in the countryside could be difficult
  • Early evening: late licenses can be more difficult for restaurants
  • No dance floor: the space for dancing could be limited or not available at all
    Ceremony: a separate ceremonial place is usually needed-some restaurants have a suitable place, but not all
  • Less sense of occasion: This may not matter to you, but if you’ve dreamed of the great white wedding, a pub probably won’t fit the bill

Weddings DIY AKA Anything You Want

We do not believe in adhering to all kinds of predefined wedding ideas, so it is very possible that you are already dreaming of an incredible and creative celebration that does not correspond to any of the above categories!

Whether you’re thinking of a cliff ceremony, a picnic reception, or a late night party on the beach, you’ll likely experience the same pros and cons as a home wedding and/or exclusive rental venue. That means more Organization and planning (and often hidden costs), but if you and your other half are both passionate about doing something unique, we hope it will be fabulous! Check out these epic places in Ireland for Inspiration.

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