Proper Guide To Change Your Name After Marriage

The old school tradition says that when you get married, the wife changes her name to that of your spouse. Of course, you don’t have to and the traditional name change is becoming increasingly rare, but many people want it and still do (only 20% keep their name, according to the New York Times!) The process is not too complicated, but there are a few steps you need to follow and a few extra items you might forget. To simplify the name change, we’ve put together everything you need, from Ms. X to Ms. Y, along with the associated costs.

Places where you can report your name change

Once you have a marriage certificate, it is possible to change your last name without going through a survey – basically, once you are married, you can use your spouse’s last name. Your marriage certificate serves as proof of the name change, and you should bring it if you change your name below…


To change your name in your passport, you need to apply for a brand new passport and submit your previous passport.

Bank Account & Bank Cards

Visit your local branch with your marriage certificate and valid ID. Your account name can be changed immediately and a new card can be ordered for you once your data is updated.

You need to keep the same card number-but if you have debit payments, make sure and check the number always matches.

Driving license

You can exchange your current license or authorization for an updated license, and your new license or authorization will have the same expiration date as your Original one.

You must apply in person at one of the NDLS centres and present your PPS number, proof of address, current driver’s licence or apprenticeship licence, as well as your marriage certificate.


After the wedding, you must inform the tax office of the date of your wedding.

Health care providers

Notify your doctor, dentist and the Ministry of health and social security to avoid confusion.

Insurance & Pension Funds

Update your insurance data with your new name so that you can be sure that everything remains valid and that you have the real name to which you can send information.

Other places to update your name change

Social resources

Instagram, Instagram, etc. if you have changed your name, it is a good idea to update your various social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


It’s a matter of personal choice, but if you decide to change your married name at work, be sure to update your emails and email signatures, business cards and notify the management of your name change for payroll.

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