Look At Wedding Day To Do Essentials List

On your wedding day, the main thing is to relax and enjoy-you should not run, heavy lifting or administrator, do you hear? But there are a few additional (but essential) things that need to be done. None of the following items are complicated or time-consuming, but when you’re done, you can be sure that your day is going smoothly. So, read a little, choose what’s relevant or important for your own wedding, and delegate tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed with smaller to-do list tasks on your wedding day!

To-do List on Wedding Day: Your to-do List On Wedding morning

  • Eat a decent breakfast-try to eat something rich in protein and avoid sugar and caffeine if you can.
  • Keep a water bottle handy-radiant skin and energy are based on good hydration! And try not to have too much champagne or alcohol before the ceremony.
  • Assign a tidy friend to ensure that the space for the photos that are preparing remains clean.
  • Make sure you ask someone to stay at home or keep an eye on your house to avoid theft (unfortunately this happens).
  • Instruct a friend to recover or take last minute flower deliveries, decor or wedding cake.
  • Have a scenario prepared in advance and ask someone in the bridal section to keep an eye on the clock.
  • If you pay suppliers on the same day, you give someone the money in envelopes so they don’t worry about it.

To-do list on wedding day: to-do list for the ceremony

  • Ask an organized friend to be at the ceremony early to make sure everything is OK.
  • Give wedding bands to the best man to hold during the ceremony.
  • Hand over to the witness the envelope of the official’s fees, which will be handed over after the ceremony.
  • Name someone to keep your wedding permit signed until the end of the evening so that it is not lost!

To-do list on wedding day: to-do list for reception

  • Pay suppliers who still need a partial or full payment. Have the payment from any provider ready labeled in an envelope to avoid confusion.
  • Whether tip providers or employees are waiting, have this money ready in envelopes as well.
  • Ask a specific person to take your gifts and/or cards and give them a place to keep them safe.
  • Introduce your reception coordinator to your wedding planner (if available) or bridesmaid/bestman for any questions or problems during the reception.
  • Assign a family member or companion to be the contact of the photographer so you know who is who.
  • Take 10 minutes to be alone as a couple. As all our real wedding couples testify, the day will pass!

If the day of your wedding is one step closer and you still don’t know what to put on the to-do list, check out our ultimate wedding checklist that will guide you through every step, from the engagement to the day before your wedding!

Oh, and make sure you download our playlist ready for the morning of the wedding, Now all that is left to do is sit, pop it sparkling and enjoy!

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