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If you are newly engaged and are engaged in wedding planning, you will probably get advice from all corners. “You must have such and such”, “you must invite such and such”, it’s quite exhausting, is not it? But I promise that in today’s Post, it’s not about adding any more unnecessary tips to your growing stack!

A few of us here on a fabulous day did the planning, we walked down the aisle, and we have the wedding dresses in our closets (and the bumps in our savings) to prove it!

So I extracted some of my own nuggets of wedding planning wisdom, and I also asked the office to put together a List of 11 things I wish I had known before I started wedding planning. Great practical tips for planning a wedding as stress-free as possible (who needs extra stress now, huh?!), and help you not to have remorse after the big day has passed.

1. They are beautifully smelling!

I lost sleep and shed tears on my skin before our wedding (I had acne). And I constantly stressed whether I would find a dress that I liked to fit and try a sample in my size. What a mess!

I would like every bride or groom to know that they would not have to worry about losing weight, curing acne or whitening their teeth or laser head before their wedding. All I know is that you will feel incredibly beautiful on your wedding day. It’s like the kind of confidence boost you get when you rock a new dress on your birthday – a million times!

2. Your Budget can be very quickly out of control!

You may be the most accomplished donor in the world, but it’s really easy to lose your Budget, and suddenly you’re too deep into it.

Be sure to have a stamp (at least 10-15% of your budget! from the beginning, to avoid unpleasant Surprises. Try to be questionable on every effort. Will be here or there in all areas. It can sometimes look like monopoly money, but it’s real money! If you are having problems, try to take a step back and think without your bridal hat or the groom. Yes, it may be easier to throw money on a problem, but there is a more creative (and lowest!- ) Solution?

3. You spend a lot of Time with Your Wedding.

Your hairdresser, makeup artist, videographer and photographer – you will probably spend more time chatting with these people on your wedding day than any of your guests. So make sure you choose the wedding providers you trust, feel relaxed and enjoy your big day.

4. You should not divide and conquer

It is easy for you and your other half to be attracted in different directions on your wedding day. You might be tempted to split hosting obligations and distribute them separately to cover more guests. Everyone advises you to take a Moment on your wedding day, but I say, Go ahead. Make a Plan to consciously check in all day, do the tricks together and be sure to meet at the Bar or on the dance floor to enjoy the party together.

5. Video is as important as photos!

I became a video lawyer after my own wedding! If you can, invest in both a videographer and photographer to capture your big day. Sure, photos are important, but there’s nothing like a video to really sum up the essence of your wedding day, all the love and excitement in the room and what it was like to be there. Oh and the speeches – it’s pretty great to relive all the parts you missed or forgot!

6. Don’t forget your honeymoon (or MINI Moon / Staycation!)

So many couples don’t think enough about their honeymoon – or they forget to leave aside a little Budget to pay for it! Whether you’re booking a big trip after your wedding (post-recent times, of course) or choosing a mini moon near you instead, don’t forget to take the time to really think about what you want to do. Oh and you’ll be exhausted after your wedding, so make sure the first few days are nothing but R & R!

7. The more you do yourself, the more expensive it could actually be

t’s a common belief that DIY weddings are the right way to print a unique stamp to your day without spending a lot of money. But this is not always the matter. We rented an empty canvas style barn, did all the decor ourselves, brought our own cutlery and tables, made our own signage, stationery, buttonholes, dessert table and did the DJing ourselves. I can say for sure that it would have been much lowest (and easier!) to forgo some of the personal touches, have a few more professionals a day, and go with a place that took care of everything!

8. Be a good Web Host

It is so important to be a good host on your wedding day. This means making sure your guests are provided with certain requirements, creating the right atmosphere for a party and developing ideas to make sure every guest feels welcome and comfortable. Yes, it’s your wedding day, but your guests are a big part of it. Whether it’s creating a quiet corner for older guests to sit in while the band plays, presenting their secular ceremony in a way that makes it easier for more traditional guests, or having a basket in the bathroom with lacquer and Pads, small gestures go a long way!

9. You set the Tone for Your Wedding

A high-end wedding planner once told me, and I never forgot it. If you are stressed or nervous, your guests will look for something wrong, but if you are relaxed and have the time of your life, your guests relax in your day and follow your guide! Here are some tips to start the day on the right foot.

10. Expect the Unexpected

No matter how perfectly you organized your day, you need to be ready for things that are not planned. Do not put pressure on yourself to make everything go smoothly, these are the problems that make a wedding day more fun and memorable! And we promise that it will rain all day, whether you have red wine on your white dress, your car breaks down or your wedding cake falls, you will always be incredibly happy – in fact, you may not even notice it!

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