Have A Look At Traditional Bridal Party

A very welcome change from weddings in recent years has been the huge increase in alternatives to the traditional wedding party-gone is the time to stick to certain rules or traditions that you need to” have ” as a bridesmaid or best man (or even if you need to have them at all!). Couples are becoming more and more creative when it comes to reinventing the wedding party aka the Gang of Helpers. It’s about surrounding yourself with those you love and who want to participate – as much or as little as you want, whether they’re someone – your grandmother, your best friends of all genders, or even your pets. So if you are one of the brides or newlyweds who are thinking about giving up the classic uniform line in the alley and looking for ideas – here are a few 7 alternative bridal parties to inspire!

Mixed Bride Party

The mixed wedding party has become increasingly popular in recent years, with it bringing a whole new vocabulary: best wife, bridesmaid, bridesmaid, bridesmaid, etc.Yes, there really is no size fits when it comes to more bridal parties, open the doors for couples to have their closest and dearest around them on their big day.

Just a bridesmaid

While the celebrity culture of recent years leads to the popularity of big wedding parties, it is often the matter that this is much more effort than it is worth. Today we see many brides choose only one person from their side they stand on the aisle and with this they remove a lot of stress that can often have a larger group to deal with. Do you still want to find a way to include some close friends? We have you covered below

Don’t have an official wedding party at all

While marriages continue to decline due to recent times restrictions and others simply want to get rid of the stress of traditions like this, many couples choose to forgo bridal parties altogether. However, this does not mean that you cannot ask for help from a group to cover certain tasks on the day or to be part of the ceremony. Although you might not want your wings to be right next to you on the same day, it’s still nice to have some reinforcement.

Organize a wedding party only for children

There is no age limit for your wedding party, just as there is a limit on how old you must be. Do you have a basketball team of nieces and nephews that you would like to include? Would you like to have your own children at the front and in the middle of your big day? Why don’t you have them all in your wedding party? Think about how cute the pictures will be with all these ridiculously cute outfits!


Some of you might read this reflection on the different opinions you and your partner have about the size of your wedding party. You might want five of your friends by your side while you could imagine walking down the aisle after your three closest and most expensive. Well, there’s nothing to say that you don’t both have exactly what you want. The days of bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle as a couple are the days of past generations, and if you don’t imagine the day of your wedding like that, there are no rules to say you can’t give up this tradition.

Your grandparents, or Your mother

Would you like to find a special role for your grandparents or give your parents an additional responsibility? Why don’t you have your “I back”right next to you as you say? We can’t help but think that the calming presence of the mother would make us feel comfortable while we can share even more of the day with the women who are most important to us.

Add your pets

For those who do not want the added stress of organizing a group of friends and family on their big day and want to find a place for their pets in their marriage, this could be the answer. Yes, if you have not guessed it now, the rulebook has actually been thrown away, so you are completely free to celebrate alongside your four-legged friends. Need more convincing? Just think of the photos!

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