Flowers for Framing Lovely Local Blooms

Pressed floral art adds a beautiful element to a home, and it is especially useful if these flowers mean something special. Whether you want to organize a bridal shower or preserve your bridal bouquet, you can learn how to grow flowers for design. It is a fun group project and simple activity with amazing result of pressed flower wall art.

Floral art ideas in a hurry for your event

It can be so much fun to plan a bridal shower or bachelorette party! They gather family and friends to celebrate the couple, but – what will they do? Growing and framing flowers is the perfect answer! In addition, the inclusion of a beautiful souvenir that guests can make themselves makes the time even more special.

Although you may not know what to do with dried flowers or how to squeeze flowers, you can easily learn. The right tools make the experience much better.

If you live in Virginia and are within walking distance of Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Bedford, you’re in luck! Our event took place in the Discovery by hartley Farmhouse in Claytor Nature Center.

The participants not only celebrated the guest of honor, but also learned how to keep the flowers in a hurry. Before giving you an overview of the activity, here is a look at the beautiful decoration and food (by Suzy Q, etc) of the day.

How to squeeze flowers for framing

Learning how to store flowers is relatively easy, depending on the flowers used. You just need fresh flowers, newspaper, thick board and weight. The project also takes time-about two weeks-to dry the flowers.

1. Collect local and fresh Flowers for Pressing.

When it was time to conduct the activity, the guests were led by Dr. Nancy Cowden. She taught them to keep flowers in a hurry. Guests used different colors of fresh flowers from the gardens of Cloverlea and Little Otter Flower Farm.

2. Place your flowers to squeeze them.

The newspaper is the perfect blotting paper for pressed flowers. Place Your fresh Flowers on the Newspaper and make sure that the Petals are not bent. Do your best to imagine what the flower will look like. Then lay the flowers and bend the stems accordingly so that they dry flat.

3. Cover your pressed flowers.

It is important to have enough blotting paper (newspaper) to absorb the liquid. Also make sure that the flowers are located on both sides. Then place your newspaper with the flowers between the layers of cardboard. Place a flat weight-it is sufficienton it to create pressure. Set aside for two weeks. Yes, you can check them regularly and carefully.

4. After two Weeks of Your Flowers pressed in a Newspaper.

It’s pretty fun to reveal the final results of what’s hidden in the log (unless you’ve looked!). However, be very careful because the pressed petals are extremely sensitive.

5. Arrange Your Flowers neatly on a solid Piece of White Paper or Cardstock.

Imagine what a bouquet of flowers would look like and try to imitate this look. You can also be creative with your floral art ideas in a hurry and arrange them into a pattern. The Choice is Yours! Do not forget to be careful with your dried flowers so that they do not break the leaves or petals.

6. Once they are laid out, gently glue the flower parts to the Paper with glue.

Be gentle and use a brush. The key is to use glue that dries clearly to glue the flower parts down. This will ensure the arrangement, but do not feel as if you need to overdo it with the amount of glue.

7. Let your last pressed floral composition dry.

Cover the pressed set with parchment or wax paper. Then put weights on it and let it dry for 2-4 days. The end result is breathtaking and can be framed. Now that you know how to frame flowers, the gift possibilities are endless!

What to do with pressed flowers

After two weeks, the pressed dried flowers were ready. The flowers were then arranged in beautiful groups and attached to thick Paper to place them themselves in a frame or display.

When you dry your flowers at home, it can be difficult to display pressed flowers. You can put the pressed floral art in the glass, but there are also many other options.

How to display pressed flowers

  • Make a bookmark of pressed flowers.
  • Framing the pressed flowers allows you to keep the flowers protected under the glass.
  • Attach flattened petals to the front of a homemade greeting card.
  • Learn how to place a flower in a photo frame to get it.

The final result of floral art in a hurry

Guests were able to preserve their beautiful pressed floral art that contained the Ramsey-Freer herbarium seal. What a special touch!

What a beautiful memory of the time spent with friends in the celebration. Learning how to grow flowers for conception with friends is a wonderful activity for a bridal shower, Bachelorette, girl evening or even a baby shower.

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